Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Certification:Start a Medical Wig Business

Learn how to become a medical wig provider with our top rated course. You will learn how to accept insurance for wigs, medical wig billing and coding, and hair prosthesis training. Learn how to process prescriptions for medical wigs with medical insurance. Learn how to start a medical wig business. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Medical wig pre-course

Free Cranial Prosthesis Certification Pre-Course

How can I get started as a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist?

Take Wig Medical's free pre-course to learn what to expect in our Medical Wig Certification Course.

This pre-course is a great way to get started by becoming a medical wig provider, working with Dermatologists, and collecting payments from insurance companies for your client's medical grade wigs.

You will get instant access to the course and move along at your own pace. It's the perfect start for learning how to sell medical grade wigs.

  • What is a Medical Grade Wig?

    A medical grade wig, also known as cranial hair prosthesis, are specially designed for patients that suffer hair loss from cancer treatments, Alopecia, and many other medical conditions.

  • Does Insurance Cover Medical Wigs?

    Yes! Depending on the insurance plan, a cranial prosthesis is covered up to 100%. This can vary depending on the medical reason and insurance coverage. Our certification course helps train you on this knowledge.

  • How to Become a Medical Wig Provider?

    Wig Medical offers a complete course to become certified to sell medical grade wigs, collect payments from insurance companies, HIPPA certification, terminology, and more!

Medical Wig Certification Course - Cranial Prosthesis Specialist

Medical Wig Certification Course Bundle

The #1 Rated Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Course!

Students love our course because you can learn at your own pace, receive lifetime access, have placement in the Cranial Prosthesis Directory, and so much more!

You need not be a licensed cosmetologist to become a Certified Cranial Prosthesis Specialist. Although, hairstylists love the program as it's an excellent additional revenue stream.

If you want to become a medical wig provider and collect insurance company payments, this course is for you!

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Medical Wig Certification Course Bundle

Save $1,000's and sign up today and get all these courses within the Medical Wig Certification Course Bundle!

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Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Starter Guide

Free Starter Guide + Workbook to Get You Started

Download our free 42-page guide plus workbook to keep you organized when starting your Cranial Prosthesis business.

If you want to know how to become a medical wig provider, this guide is for you!

This free guide from Wig Medical will help you with your branding, business plan, marketing, research, and more.

Don't let FREE make you think this doesn't have tons of value! Our goal is to help get more people in the medical wig industry faster. This will help!

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