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Medical Wig Certification: Cranial Prosthesis (5-Course Bundle)

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This Course Bundle includes:

If you want to start a medical wig business by collecting payments from insurance companies, then this course is for you.

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Upon completing the Wig Medical Cranial Prosthesis Course, students will have a clear, succinct understanding of the medical wig industry.

The course details appropriate medical terminology, types of medical-related hair loss, insurance compliance, marketing tips, and strategies. Once certified, students can provide insurance-covered wigs to clients who suffer from medical-related hair loss.

Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Kit

Upon completing the course, you will receive your Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Kit.

Inside the kit includes:

  • Framed Certificate
  • Custom Lab Coat
  • Spiral Notebook Printed 42-Page Starter Guide
  • Wig Medical Notepad & Pen
  • Wig Medical Sticker

The Cranial Prosthesis course by Wig Medical is the most comprehensive course you will find. This course includes video learning, checklists, detailed content, quizzes, and a final exam.

*You do NOT need to be a licensed hairstylist to become a Certified Cranial Prosthesis specialist.

Here is our course overview:


  • Overview
  • Course Workbook (Instant Download)
  • Meet the Instructor
  • Your Business Checklist (Instant Download)
  • Daily Planner (Instant Download)
  • Starter Guide + Workbook (Instant Download)
  • Course Updates
  • Cranial Prosthesis Pre-Test

Cranial Prosthesis Starter Guide

What is a Cranial Prosthesis

  • Chapter Overview
  • Cranial Prosthesis Overview
  • Who Qualifies?
  • Types of Medical-Related Hair Loss
  • Cranial Prostheses Quiz
  • Recap Video
Medical Wig Course Workbook

Let's Talk about Insurance

  • Insurance Overview
  • Diagnosis and CPT Codes
  • Filing a Claim
  • Denied Claims & Filing Appeals
  • Types of Insurance Plans
  • Insurance Quiz
  • Video Recap
Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Lab Coat


Get in Network

  • Get in Network Overview
  • In Network vs. Out of Network
  • How to Become an In-Network Provider
  • Obtaining an NPI Number: Step-by-Step
  • Being Out of Network
  • Insurance Superbill Template
  • Get in Network Quiz
  • Video Recap

Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Certification


  • Consultation Overview
  • Scheduling Consultations
  • What is a Consultation?
  • Initial Consultation
  • Secondary Consultation: Follow-up
  • Types of Cranial Prosthetics
  • Final Consultation
  • Consultation Quiz
  • Video Recap


Medical Wig Directory



  • Finance Overview Video
  • Understanding the Industry
  • Chargebacks
  • Fraud: Credit, Identity, Purchase/Insurance
  • Health Insurance Fraud
  • Profit Margin: Pricing Your Wigs
  • Finance Quiz
  • Video Recap
Course Workbook


Networking & Marketing

  • Video Overview
  • Spreading the Word
  • Join Groups
  • Get on the Directory
  • Building Clientele Tips
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Video Recap

Final Exam

  • Final Exam: Cranial Prosthesis Certification
  • Issue Digital Certificate!



Medical Wig Sourcing Course

The Medical Wig Sourcing and Vendor List course is now included in this course package as a bonus. ($397 Value!)

  • Get "In-Network" Insurance Company PDF Checklist
  • Post-Course Checklist
  • Hand-picked Hashtags for Social Media Posts
  • Lab Coat with Your Name and Business Name Embroidered (Mailed to you)
  • Framed Cranial Prosthesis Certification (Mailed to you)
  • Directory Listing on Wig Medical
The Medical Wig Certification Course includes (1) region of DermAtlas. This directory of Dermatologists includes business names, websites, and contact information.

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Amara Manley

I love it and learned a lot more

Rickia Taylor

This class was so amazing! India did a great job being very clear and concise with this course. I learned sooooo much! I feel fully confident and equipped to take my business to the next level with this course!

Deja Pryor
5- Course Bundle

Definitely worth the investment. I feel ready for success after going through all the courses and j am so excited for my new journey as a cranial prosthesis specialist

Wig medical certification course

Wig medical provides a lot of information about the medical wig industry. Wig medical has give me the tools and knowledge to expand my business in the beauty and hair industry! The course is easy to follow and very informative. I feel very privileged to have come across this course at this time. The medical wig industry is at its peak, and now is the time to get on board! Take the course!

Liv Sanchez
Amazingly worth it!

This course really helped me reach the goals I’ve wanted but didn’t have the resources. Thank you! Worth every penny!