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Restoring Identity: The Art and Science of Medical Wig Installation

Restoring Identity: The Art and Science of Medical Wig Installation

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Video Training Series

Introducing "Restoring Identity: The Art and Science of Medical Wig Installation," a comprehensive course designed to empower and educate about the critical medical wig application and maintenance field.

This video course will be a continual series where we add video tutorials to help you become an expert in every aspect of medical wig application and care. Here is what is to expect in upcoming videos:

In this video course, we delve into the world of cranial prosthesis, shedding light on the transformative power of medical wigs. Combining scientific know-how and aesthetic artistry, the proper installation and care of medical wigs play a significant role in bolstering the self-confidence and well-being of those experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions.

"Restoring Identity" is an ongoing video series and an ever-expanding library of professional knowledge. Throughout the course, you'll learn from a licensed hairstylist and cranial prosthesis specialist who brings years of experience and a compassionate approach to the field.

This series is not just about the technical aspects of medical wig installation—it's also about the understanding and empathy required to support individuals on this personal journey.

The course curriculum is meticulously designed, beginning with a foundational understanding of medical wigs, their types, materials, and how they replicate the natural hair growth pattern. Following this, you'll delve into the nuances of medical wig installation, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit every time.

In addition to the basics, you'll learn about customizing wigs for an individual's unique needs, such as shaping, styling, and color matching. You'll also master the care routine for medical wigs and toppers, which involves washing, conditioning, detangling, and safe storage.

"Restoring Identity" goes beyond just the how-to, touching on vital topics related to the mental and emotional aspects of hair loss and wig usage. You'll learn how to foster a supportive environment for your clients, understand their needs, and empower them to embrace their new looks confidently.

In this dynamic course, your learning journey will evolve continuously with new additions to the content, keeping you abreast of the latest techniques, products, and trends in medical wigs.

Join us in "Restoring Identity: The Art and Science of Medical Wig Installation," where we blend the scientific and artistic, the technical and emotional, to help restore not just hair, but identity, confidence, and a sense of self.

Discover the transformative power of medical wigs and make a difference in someone's life today!

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Customer Reviews

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My name is Josephine Beltran retired hairstylist of 30 yrs,

Of 30 yrs.Certified on all systems of hair extensions and hair replacement, make my own hair pieces. My plan is to distribute hair patches for alopecia or other hair loss.! My preference are human hair eyebrows, or men’s toupee’s

Game Changer

I was so happy to find out that India decided to add this to the course bundle. This is a game changer! I'm looking forward to offering this service to my clients.

Angela Jackson
This course was just what I needed

This course was amazing because as a visual learner I was able to see first hand how to properly apply medical wigs on a client. I am a licensed cosmetologist so in addition to becoming a cranial prosthesis specialist, I can also apply the units as well. Watching this video was exactly what I needed. Thank you India.

Melissa Harvey
Behind the veil

I really enjoyed this course and social media. There’s a lot of contact about installing lace fronts, but it was good to see the entire method of another expert. I definitely recommend this course excellent.

Reviewer avatar

What a well guided Tutorial For this medical wig installation. The Instructor is very detailed I love that I can go back and review this video at anytime!