Wig Medical is an education certification company specializing in Cranial Prosthetics and Medical Related Hair Loss.

Our mission is to educate entrepreneurs and equip them with the foundational skills necessary to get started in the medical wig industry. We offer a variety of courses that encourage students to explore real-life scenarios.

Each chapter of our Cranial Prosthesis Course goes in-depth and includes an abundance of knowledge. Our courses are self-guided and self-paced.

Wig Medical provides students with a supplemented learning experience. Once certified, students become a community of resources.

Students are granted access to our extensive line of medical-grade products. In addition to our courses, we offer a full line of high-quality, custom medical-grade wigs and application products.

Wig Medical is also the place to find Cranial Prosthesis Specialists in your area with our Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Directory. Get listed quickly in Google search results with our powerful and targeted directory listings.

Your instructor, India, has a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Masters in Neuroscience as well as practicing daily as a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist.