Alicia Baker: Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Long Branch, New Jersey

Alicia Baker: Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Long Branch, New Jersey

I began my hair journey as a young teen.

Often times, watching my mom press and curl ladies' hair from our neighborhood. It was exciting to see how a style was done from start to finish, and how the styles enhanced the women's beauty.

Using my mom's techniques, I began doing the younger kids' hair around my neighborhood. I became known as the neighborhood hair stylist to many young girls, and they would come to me for all types of hairstyles.

After becoming an adult, my passion for hair grew and I decided to go to school and make a career out of my profession. In 1994, I attended and graduated from Concorde School of Hair Design as a cosmetologist.

To gain additional knowledge and hands-on-experience, I worked in various salons learning new hair techniques and how to conduct business as a salon owner.

In 1998, I opened my first beauty salon "Nu Image Beauty Salon". My career as a licensed cosmetologist and salon owner rapidly advanced. In 2014, I received awards on my achievements and accomplishments on women's leadership in business. In 2016, I was recognized by my city "Long Branch, NJ" as one of the 100 women who shine in my community.

I'm featured as a local historian in the historical section of my public library. I'm happy that my entrepreneurial and leadership legacy will forever be displayed in my community. My creative styles have also been featured in Salon Profiles Hair Magazine.

In 2021, I became a Board-Certified Hair Loss Practitioner to better understand hair loss. In 2022, I became a Board-Certified Trichologist so that I can help alleviate hair and scalp problems and provide a solution to scalp disorders and different types of alopecia.

In 2023, I became a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist so that I can provide medical prosthetics to those who have sustained hair loss due to medical treatment. I am the owner of Ultimate Impressions Beauty Salon, and Nu Image Hair Rehab Rx. Both are located in Long Branch, NJ. Nu Image Hair Rehab Rx is a medical wig clinic that offers medical grade wigs to clients sustaining hair loss due to medical treatments.

Ultimate Impressions Beauty Salon is a salon that offers Trichology services, and an array of haircare and styles for men, women and children.

My professional endeavors have enabled me to learn, grow and utilize my professional skills to help others in all ways pertaining to hair loss and growth.

What do you enjoy as a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist?

I enjoy being able to accommodate those who suffer with hair loss and help them feel a sense of normalcy.

How do you want to help your clients?

I would like to provide a medical grade unit that is as comfortable as possible and helps my client look and feel great.

Do you also install medical grade wigs?

Yes, I install medical grade wigs.

What do you love about the community you work and live in?

My business and my residence are in a community along the Jersey shore. My community has a beach and a hospital with an Oncology department that specializes in Oncology services.

This makes my business a great benefit to people who are in need for any of my services pertaining to hair loss. There's a diverse population in my town and tourists also visit throughout the year that could also utilize my services.

Whether you are experiencing hair loss from a certain type of alopecia, or hair loss from receiving medical treatment, I work with all textures of hair, and all types of hair loss no matter how the hair loss is caused.

I provide professional services in all aspects of hair growth, and hair loss for men, women and children. I get to the root of the problem and help you feel and look as natural as possible.

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How I take that certification hair it is my passion I love to help some people and my area
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