La'Toria Byas: Cranial Prosthesis Specialist - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

La'Toria Byas: Cranial Prosthesis Specialist - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

La'Toria Byas is a Certified Cranial Prosthetics Specialist and the Founder of WowDamnFoxy Hair LLC and DBA Still Foxy Rx. A naturally gifted wig maker and wig stylist, she comes from a long line of beauticians and carries forward the legacy with pride. She studied Cosmetology at Empire Beauty School and is a Certified Wig Maker.

La'Toria always had a passion for helping others and beauty. Today, she fuses the two to impact lives positively.

 La'Toria spent the last two decades creating wigs and custom hair pieces to accentuate women's beauty, empower lives, and help them regain confidence. She works with women of all ages to help them with their battle against hair loss and give them the tools to rebuild their lives. Hair loss is a silent issue limiting women from living happy and wholesome lives post-treatment. Driven by the desire to help people on their journey back to health and happiness, La'Toria crafts cranial hair prosthesis custom fit to perfection. She strives to help women rediscover themselves and live fearlessly and unapologetically.

La'Toria enjoys helping people step forward, overcome adversities and restore their natural beauty; she loves to make people smile and meet and empower unique women from all walks of life. A creative artist, La'Toria avidly seeks knowledge and aims to find new ways to create exceptional products and elevate lives.

How do you plan to impact the medical hair loss community?

I want to use my unique creativity to a more realistic appearance for medical wigs. I will showcase my work as my signature pieces. I want to make an impact in my hair loss community by serving Medical Wigs and bringing innovative and natural ways to promote natural hair growth with natural methods proven to work. Get to know me, I will be a household name.

Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Website: WowDamnFoxy Hair

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