Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Warner Robbins Georgia

LePorsche Cannon: Cranial Prosthesis Specialist - Warner Robbins, Georgia

In the Salon, they called me the transformer. Daily, I strive to transform every person who sits in my chair and when I spend that chair. When I’ve completed their hairstyle, the look on their face and the joy sometimes brings tears to their eye.

At that moment, I know I have transformed their life. I love that feeling. I’ve been in the Cosmetology Industry for over ten years, and the last six years have been focused on natural hair care.

I am the owner of Salon Harmony and Spa; my co-owner and husband is a Master Barber. My Salon is in our local community, providing natural hair and Barber services. My husband and I developed a product hairline called Yre’Va Hair Care. Yre’Va is our daughter’s name Avery spelled backward. Our hair care line was devoted to her. She is a true inspiration to me. Avery is a two-time Brain surgery survivor and amazes us on a daily. 

Yre’va was created for natural hair to help combat the biggest issue with natural hair, “dryness” we believe that if the hair is fully hydrated, it can perform at its full potential. Have you ever noticed your hair when it's wet and how manageable the Hair is that’s Hydrated well our product line focuses on that thought when the hair is fully hydrated, and when the hair has the correct elements, it just performs?

Now along with being salon owners and product inventors, we are also in business with our nine-year-old, who has her own cosmetics line, AGC Cosmetics; yes, that's right, we are a family business teaching our young ones to be bosses.

I constantly take classes to learn new techniques and ways to improve my skill & my knowledge so that I can always inform my clients of the best way to achieve their hair goals.

As a master cosmetologist, I strive daily to make my clients feel beautiful. I noticed in the industry that many women were starting to go natural, so I shifted my focus to specialize in natural hair. I’ve seen a trend with many women coming in different hair loss cases as I focus on creating a healthy scalp by creating different regimens and hair treatments to help these women combat their daily struggles of hair loss.

How excited I was to see a course that could expand my reach. When I learned about the medical wig certification class, I was immediately ready to take the certification to become a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist.

After completing my certifications for Cranial Prosthesis Specialist, I started posting on my social media sites and have already gotten replies and comments from people needing that service. I’m so excited to bring this to our area. I’m also happy to collab with a local hospital's Cancer department. Our Salon has so many big things in store, and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.

I care for natural hair. I call myself the nurturer of hair. It’s honestly such a fantastic thing to see someone come in with any hair and scalp issues, and you’re able to remedy it for them within a reasonable time frame, and they know the difference.

However, for medical reasons, we cannot help their hair grow. I am excited to start this venture as a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist to be able to provide very high-quality Medical Grade human hair wigs for them. Who’s Ready to take the Journey with us?

How do you plan to make an impact in the medical hair loss community?

My plans are to create a space that women feel comfortable about sharing their hair loss Journey. Our facility will be an Oasis for them to escape for a small moment. Creating not just a regular wig store but an actual experience. I am in conversation with my local Chamber to bring awareness to the services as well as creating a portfolio to present to local cancer centers.

Website: Yre'Va
Location: Warner Robbins, Georgia 

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