Timiko Kiner Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Toledo Ohio

Timiko Kiner: Cranial Prosthesis Specialist - Toledo, Ohio

Hair is my gift!

From the age of 12 years old, Timiko Kiner always expressed her love for hair. She did kids and adults around the city from junior high to high school. After graduating high school, she decided to take her craft on as a career.

Now with 22 years of experience in the cosmetology and beauty industry. Timiko’s desire for total health and wellness for her clients prompted her to transition into Trichology in the quest to provide “optimal hair care.” Timiko discovered that there was an abundance of hair and scalp issues that were going unaddressed due to a lack of knowledge. This revelation made her true desire to gain more knowledge regarding hair loss conditions and their causes.

As a result, you can remain confident in her approach and recommendations. Timiko graduated from the United States Trichology Institute in 2016 and is currently studying with the International trichology Association. This specialized training enables her to provide comprehensive consultations and treatments during the early stages of hair thinning and hair loss, as well as treatments for scalp disorders.

Although the hair and scalp are viewed as external structures, they actually reflect the status of the complex body systems that keep the body functioning. Therefore, trichologists study the body systems, nutrition, chemistry of the hair, and physiology of the hair and skin. Trichology focuses on treating the hair from the inside out! A healthy scalp begins with a healthy body!

With this certification, she opened her first hair loss clinic Mane Medic Hair Rejuvenation in a small private salon suite Timiko became certified as a non-surgical hair loss specialist in 2018 and finally had all the components to provide that someone suffering from hair loss needed.

Mane medic hair rejuvenation is a premier treatment, prevention, and management program provider for those who care about their appearance and are experiencing hair loss. Our affordable, private, convenient, and personalized approach provides our clients with an experience that leaves them feeling more educated, comfortable, attractive, and confident in themselves. We offer hair styling, hair extensions, undetectable hair systems, hair care, and scalp analysis and treatment consultation services.

Timiko opened a salon in 2019 named A Cultivated Beauty. After the quarantine, the salon briefly closed in 2020 due to a water main break that destroyed the salon within minutes. The salon was reopened in the fall of 2021, bigger and better.

Cultivated Beauty is a boutique salon in the city of Toledo. We want to enhance our guests' inner beauty and confidence by using superior quality products so you can indulge in beauty services and unwind in a comfortable, elegant, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Our salon offers hair, nails, and skin care with licensed independent contractors in the beauty industry. where we all strive to stay energized and educated in our profession to motivate and empower each other to grow our individual brands and businesses under one salon's roof.

Our success is deeply rooted in the underlying foundations of our company.

*Superior Customer Service

Timiko is always looking forward to continuing teaching and scaling her business to be one of the first black-owned hair replacement services that model hair clubs or Bosley.

Website: Mane Medic
Location: Toledo, Ohio

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