Ulene Chandler: Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Buford, Georgia

Ulene Chandler: Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Buford, Georgia

Ulene Chandler has been in the beauty industry since she was a teen. She started out assisting her family and friends in the salons, shampoo and styling hair. Ulene spent her summers braiding hair in the neighborhood to make extra money.

She was employed as a bookkeeper and office assistant at a local hardware store during her high school years. In the early 90s while on maternity leave, she decided to get her Cosmetology license. She studied at John Louis Beauty School in New York. She graduated in 1996. She worked part-time at a full-service salon La Flava Hair Studios. Ulene had a large clientele.

Ulene worked with a Barber at the salon and was always intrigued how he worked on the men’s hair. She began to work with him as his Apprentice. He mentored her and she became his traveling barber.

She learned so much about how to cut and style men’s hair. She spent hours learning all she could about barbering. Ulene received her first award Greatest Barber Achievement award during her time at the salon.

In 1996 she started a job at Supercuts in New York. She was promoted to Assistant Manager after the first three months on the job. She was well-versed and equipped with cutting and styling hair. She brought real change to a company that specialized in haircuts only at the time.

She began performing hairstyles on clients and then implemented different services. She earned numerous awards and certifications such as Highest Efficiency, Highest Haircuts, Customer Service, Highest Gross Sales, Hair Stylist Academy certification, Hair Color certification.

Ulene's job consisted of not only haircuts, but she also taught and trained the new employees. Ulene worked with clients who suffered from alopecia, chemotherapy, and all other types of hair loss over the years, and she was very attentive to those clients.

She helped so many clients overcome their fear of losing their hair. She made wigs for clients who were not confident about their hair loss. She made hair pieces for others. She assisted those clients any way she could to help with building confidence.

Most of her clients turned into life long friends. Ulene also dedicated her time volunteering at the Veterans Hospital in New York as a stylist twice a month. She worked full-time in the beauty industry and worked overnight in the food industry. She changed so many lives with her hands and personality. She held those positions for five years and then enrolled in school.

Ulene obtained her associate degree in Paralegal Studies in 2008. She volunteered at numerous Law firms to gain experience. Also, in 2008 she was employed by the New York City Law Department as a Paralegal. In 2013 she was promoted to Claim Specialist.

She was still employed as a full-time stylist. Ulene also received her bachelor’s degree in Science in 2011. In 2016 she became a CO- Author in a book called Live Your Best Life - “Taken By Depression”, and "Coming Out Of The Pit" In 2019, Ulene relocated to Georgia, still in the beauty industry spends her free time doing house calls for her clients that are unable to travel.

In 2022, Ulene started her hair business called UC Her Styles!. UCHS is a online store that specializes in hair extensions, wigs, lashes, and cosmetics. Her mission is to inspire you to be the true version of yourself, effortlessly, and unapologetically by building confidence and enhancing self-image.


What do you enjoy as a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist?

I enjoy helping people feel good about themselves. I also suffer with hair loss and I know how it can take a hit on your confidence and self image and therefore I want to help educate and restore confidence to my clients and being an Cranial Prosthesis Specialist gives me the opportunity to help others who suffer with hair loss. As a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist, I am excited to offer a personalized service for hair loss condition.

How do you want to help your clients?

I have always been passionate about building confidence and self image by the way of beauty. I want to help each client regain confidence and self image.

What do you love about the community you work and live in?

The Community that I work and live is very diverse. I work in a community where there is very little competition in the beauty industry. The clients that I have had over the course of 4 years have become more than just clients. It is a wonderful and gratifying feeling to provide education and service to a community that you have built trust in. I also love that the community shares with one another, the recommendations that I receive in my community gives me great pleasures. I will be honored to serve as your Cranial Prothesis Specialist for your medical hair loss solutions.


Instagram: @ucherstyles
FB: UC Her Styles!
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