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What's the Difference: Cranial Prosthesis vs. Traditional Wig

Cranial prosthesis or medical grade wigs are custom wigs made using durable medical grade equipment for patients who suffer from hair loss due to a medical disease or treatment.

Traditional wigs or “fashion wigs” are wigs that are generally used for aesthetic purposes and versatility in hairstyles.

Wig Material Difference

As different varieties of fashion wigs are available (low to high quality), they are made of silk or lace. However, the base of the cranial prosthesis comprises only premium soft fabrics to provide comfort and a realistic look.

Cranial Prosthetics are made using durable medical-grade equipment because most units are worn on a daily basis.

silicone top medical grade wig

Wig Manufacturing Difference

Cranial Prosthetics are also manufactured differently than fashion-grade wigs. Cranial prosthetics take far longer to manufacture for many reasons. For one, these units are often custom and require distinct measurements to ensure quality and fit for each individual with their specific diagnosis.

Fashion wigs are manufactured in large quantities due to the high demand. When ordering fashion wigs, some companies have available units that clients customize to their liking.

This is not the case with medical-grade wigs.

Synthetic vs. Real Human Hair

Both synthetic and 100% human hair is typical in the construction of fashion wigs.

However, medical wigs are generally only constructed using human hair. Most commonly, virgin hair or raw hair, which is of a higher quality. This is because most clients prefer a unit that closely resembles his/her natural hair texture/hairline etc.

The ultimate goal of a medical-grade wig is to promote a sense of normalcy to clients that experience medical-related hair loss.

Base Wig Cap Type

Various bases are used for fashion wigs, including cotton or fabrics, clip-in hair extensions, or full lace caps. In the case of hair prosthesis, there’s a specific base with silicone in the center and silk fabric around it.

This is due to the sensitive nature of clients who experience medical-related hair loss. In some cases, clients may need to apply medication to the scalp, thus needing a unit that will provide them with that type of flexibility.

silk lace top medical grade wig

Cost Difference

Fashion wigs vary in price range depending on the material used. At the same time, cranial prostheses cost higher due to their premium quality and gold-standard material.

Medical-grade wigs are far more expensive than fashion wigs because they use medical-grade equipment. They are also covered by insurance companies, so the clients do not have to assume the cost.

Wig Availability

You can buy cranial prosthesis online, but seldom locally, as beauty stores or hair retailers often do not stock medical wigs. Remember to purchase from a trusted cranial prosthesis retailer, as the quality of these wigs is crucial.

Different from fashion wigs, it is important to note that cranial prosthetics are not readily available for purchase and generally require anywhere between 8-10 weeks for production.

Interested in how to become a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist? Wig Medical offers a comprehensive medical wig certification course to get your certified.

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