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Medical Wig Vendor List & Sourcing Course Now Available!

Getting your Medical Wig Certification from Wig Medical is essential in advancing your career as a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist.

But what's next?

As a new Cranial Prosthesis Specialist, you must start building relationships with trusted suppliers for medical wigs. The supply of medical wigs will be the lifeline for your business.

This week Wig Medical launched the Medical Wig Sourcing Course: Medical Wig Vendors & Hair Education. This course is available for all our old and new medical Wig Certification course students.

The course is more than just a list of trusted medical wig suppliers. Our certification students need to have a higher level of understanding of hair quality, how to work with vendors, payments, delivered cost, and profit margins.

Many of your clients will have insurance cover their medical wig costs but not all. Sometimes, clients come out of pocket for their wigs. Those clients and their choice of wig will be based on their budget.

Some people will spend over $5,000 for a medical wig, and some less than $1,000. Often the determining factor will be the quality of hair used for the wig and the construction. Understanding the hair options available will help better serve your client and lead to your success as a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist.

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The Medical Wig Sourcing course will grow with information as we get feedback from our students and answer more related questions. One way we grow the course is by the emails we receive from students about specific additional questions within the course. Once we reply to the email, we look to see where to add this information to the course if applicable.

Inside the course you will get access to Medical Wig Vendors that will help you supply your business. The key will be to start building relationships with these suppliers and know their product offerings, pricing, and availability. The lead time for many medical wigs can be sixty to ninety days.

Wig Medical has a lot more in store for our students. We are excited to help bring more awareness to hair loss and help our students start their medical wig businesses!


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