Brittany O'Neal: Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Fayetteville, North Carolina

Brittany O'Neal: Cranial Prosthesis Specialist Fayetteville, North Carolina

I am a Licensed Registered Nurse; I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Fayetteville State University. My company is based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina, although I service women from all over the world.

I have been passionate about helping others for as long as I can remember. Since a little girl doing hair has been something I found joy in. Learning to combine two things I love to make a difference for people was a game changer. When my niece was diagnosed with baby alopecia around the age of three, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

Although she was not able to express it through her words, I could see in her little eyes the importance of hair at such a young age. Hair is not everything, but it undoubtedly has a connection to our soul.

As a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist, I now educate individuals on the benefits of non-surgical hair solutions and aid in restoring a sense of normalcy. Spreading awareness, increasing confidence, and, providing comfort to those experiencing this unfortunate loss, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else!


What do you enjoy as a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist? 

As a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist, my favorite part is seeing the smiles on my client's faces, seeing the awe that comes from instantly restoring the confidence and happiness in their image, that they may have felt was gone forever.
While hair does not define our beauty, our hair systems can provide a sense of security while navigating the waters of an uncertain journey! We strive to make every client feel welcomed and supported in this uncertain time. As a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist, I get to change lives, and what better reward?
I want to spread awareness to my clients that they are not alone, many people around the world are going through the same struggles as them and many of us want to help and show support on their journeys.
I provide education on hair loss conditions and supply non-surgical hair replacement systems. I provide a complete experience and walk side-by-side with my clients through the process of restoration. At Effortless Essence Hair Co, we want everyone to feel welcomed and seen.
Hair loss can be an up-and-down journey; providing encouragement and uplifting others while simultaneously letting those suffering know that it is completely normal to not be ok. Every day won't be perfect, but we are right by your side. We understand that everyone's journey is unique to them, and we take our time to cater to each client's needs individually.

What do you love about the community you work and live in?

I love how uplifting and supportive the communities I work with and live in are. We all come together to show how much we care and want to help others. We host events in the area to raise awareness of available options for those experiencing hair loss.
Becoming a part of and advocating for organizations such as the National Alopecia Areata Foundation and the American Cancer Society, has allowed me to reach many individuals who can benefit from the information I have to share. I'm so glad I can be a part of changing others' lives.
Awareness is key because many individuals who experience these conditions feel stuck and are unaware of their options.
My hope is through my efforts I can empower women and show them that we are standing beside them in this fight!


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