New Orleans Bronner Bros Recap

Wig Medical's Unforgettable Debut at the Nation's Largest Cosmetology Trade Show

We participated in the nation's largest cosmetology trade show this past April.

Held in New Orleans, LA, Bronner Bros was a memorable time. We had the opportunity to work alongside 300+ exhibitors and meet some of the top people in the industry.

Bronner Bros Event

The three-day exhibition was full of fashion, creativity, and HAIR!

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Bronner Bros, but the most amazing part was meeting Wig Medical students!

I wrote this blog post to give an inside look at my first experience with Bronner Bros. Although; I can vividly remember starting my hair company in 2020 and dreaming of attending a show, I would never have imagined that one day I'd be an exhibitor, let alone a presenter!

Thank you, Bronner Bros!

Wig Medical Takes Bronner Bros

The event was packed with hard work, experiences, great interactions with future Cranial Prosthesis Specialists.

Day 1: The Set Up

We arrived at the convention center on Friday for check-in and booth set-up. The Bronner Bros International Beauty Show was the first beauty show I'd ever participated in, so I had no idea what to expect.

wig medical bronner bros booth

Of course, I had always heard about the most famous hair show in the world, but nothing could have prepared me for this experience!

Looking around, there were companies from all over the world, companies I'd known since childhood, and even companies I had never heard of before!

Wig Medical Booth at the Bronner Bros show in New Orleans

The conference was yet to be opened to the public, and everyone worked diligently to set up for the big day.

I considered it the "calm before the storm"; little did I know then I was 100% spot on.

Day 2 - 3: Showtime!

I walked into the convention center on Saturday, and it was a complete transformation from the day before.

The room had been completely flipped upside down!

The booths were finished, the cargo and storage from the day back had been moved, and it was SHOWTIME. There were bright lights, soulful music, and the smell of cajun goodies.

Bronner Bros Main Stage

The show started with a second line and a band because how else do you kick off anything in the Bayou?

Then, there were giveaways, live demonstrations, tutorials, and raffles, all happening simultaneously! I have to admit, it was a bit nerve-wracking being a part of something so big initially, but once the room filled with thousands of talented entrepreneurs, barbers, estheticians, stylists, and educators, I felt at home.

As a biology major, my college experience was filled with presentations and research. I am grateful for this because it translates well into Wig Medical as an instructor.

However, nothing could have prepared me for the warmness I felt when I met one of the first Wig Medical students in person.

Hearing the students' experiences and feedback in person was an incredible feeling. However, with the course being online, most interactions are as well.


Day 4: Presentation Day

I woke up Monday morning, still on a high for the entire weekend. I was anxious because this day was huge for Wig Medical.

After weeks of preparation, the day had finally come. I was a presenter for the biggest show in America at 2 pm that day, and I was ready!

Wig Medical Booth at Bronner Bros

Being able to present on Monday was perfect because the warm welcome from the students all weekend brought me comfort. So I dressed and headed to the convention center with my laptop, my power breakfast (beignets and tea), and a smile from ear to ear.

This event was going to be good. I thought of the presentation as another research project or my senior seminar. I can do this.

I kept reminding myself leading up to the exhibition. I spent the entire morning at the Wig Medical booth reviewing the presentation I created and rehearsing my lines. Once the clock hit 1:30, I went upstairs and waited to prepare.

Once it was finally my turn to go in and get set up, I realized there was nowhere to plug up my computer and that I would not be able to read from the presentation

I had created weeks before. OMG. I began to panic slightly, and the nerves I had been suppressing all day finally surfaced. What am I going to do? How am I going to do this presentation?

Before I could even process these thoughts, students began trickling in, and it was time. I took a few deep breaths and decided I wouldn't be nervous. This company is my passion; providing medical-grade wigs is a love of mine, and I can do this!

The presentation began, and it was good. Hair Stylists, estheticians, health care professionals, wig makers, and aspiring medical wig providers from around the world filled the room.

The presentation was an open floor discussion where I could explain the story of Wig Medical, the art of cranial prosthetics, and the medical wig industry. Students were highly engaged, sharing their experiences in the beauty industry and their desire to take the next leap into the medical wig industry.

India at Bronner Bros in New Orleans

It felt good to be in the presence of so many people with a love for hair and a keen desire to help those suffering from medical-related hair loss. In addition, students could see the differences between cosmetic grade and medical grade wigs; look at our medical wig consult kit and sign up for the free pre-course!

We ended the presentation with a question and answer session, where students could ask questions about the course, the business, and the roles of a cranial prosthesis specialist.

This discussion was awesome to me because feedback from potential students, current students, and even certified specialists is one way we ensure we are constantly increasing our course value!

Thank you to everyone who attended the presentation, and a special thank you to Brittany from Texas for your idea of making the Medical Wig Consult Kit even better!

Thank You NOLA!

After the presentation, I headed to Louis Strong Airport in pure bliss.

Undoubtedly, one of the most amazing experiences of my life! From meeting professionals, eating great food, and connecting with students, this was a weekend I'd never forget.

Once finally in my plane seat, I took a deep breath, turned on my favorite podcast, Hair Biz Radio, and opened my laptop.

Time to prepare for! It's the countdown to Long Beach! See you guys soon! 

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Go ahead India!! I’m very inspired and I’m happy to know that the event was a success as well your partnering with other companies. That’s inspiring😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

Linda Muhammad

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